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Our Best Sellers

Super Premium Salmon & Potato: 12kg
A highly palatable hypoallergenic food for all dogs... 25.90
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Super Premium Chicken, Garlic & Herb: 15kg
A premium recipe with 22% protein. Our most popular feed... 24.90
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Super Premium Lamb & Rice Kibble (gluten-free): 12kg
A complete, tasty, balanced diet that's ideal if your dog has wheat allergy... 25.90
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Super Premium Turkey & Rice Kibble (gluten-free): 12kg
Premium 'wheat gluten' free turkey & rice feed formulated for dogs with a sensitive digestion... 25.90
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Snr Super Premium Lite: 12kg
Specifically formulated food for older dogs, for ease of digestion... 23.90  more >>

Super Premium Puppy Complete: 12kg
Provides a delicious, fully balanced diet that will give your new friend the best possible start... 26.50
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Super Premium Chicken & Rice Cube: 12kg
An ideal feed for dogs with a sensitive digestion... 25.90
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Super Premium Duck & Potato: 12kg
A real gourmet feed for your dog... 31.90
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Welcome to The Dog Shop

As caring dog owners, we all want to give our chums the best by offering them a more natural, holistic way of feeding that helps to ensure their good health - even more so if our dog is in need of an hypoallergenic dog food or allergy specific diet. All our feeds are formulated to give your dog a well balanced, very tasty, nutritious natural feed.

High-quality, low-cost, 100% natural dog food

To say we love dogs would be an understatement and to sell you anything but the best for your dog is simply out of the question! The Dog Shop supplies only high-quality, 100% natural dog food with absolutely NO artificial additives and NO artificial preservatives.

  happy dog

We offer you a wide range of natural dog food, holistic dog food and hypoallergenic feeds, all manufactured in the UK to BRC (British Retail Consortium) grade A standard and certified by the Organic Farmers & Growers Association.

Many dog foods that have artificial additives and colourings are prepared with inferior quality products that can lead to skin problems, dental disease, digestive disorders and general poor health in your dog - this, we feel, can be avoided.

We keep it simple so you spend less

The Dog Shop provides a complete range of natural dog foods, packaged in clear and simple sturdy bags, so you can be sure your money is being spent only on high quality dog food, not on expensive packaging.

  premium dog food bags

Our 'keep it simple' philosophy has already proved highly successful with local dog owners who visit the shop and, through our online store, we now want to share this philosophy with more "doggie" friends, like you... dog owners who want to adopt or maintain a more natural, healthy approach to their dog's daily nutrition.

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The Dog Shop feeds are all manufactured to the highest standards. Our feeds are all made to the British Retail Consortium EFSIS Grade A standard. And are certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association. So guaranteeing our products will meet with your expectations.

certified British Retail Consortium Grade A produce all our produce is certified by the Organic Farmers & Growers organisation

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